Malaysian style of martial arts founded in Sumatra by Minangkabau, an Indonesian woman. Its origins probably stem from an imported Wushu from China. Bersilat resembles the animal-movements found in the Pentjak-Silat from Java. Many schools exist where some place the accent on unarmed combat, others on the use of weapons. Eventually two systems developed. The sporting form is known as Sila-pulat, the real combat form as Sila-buah

The art of fighting with a wooden staff of 1.6 to 2.8 meter. Usually round, but also hexagonal. The long staff or Bo is about 2.8 meter long, the medium staff or Tambo is about 1.9 meter. The police staff or baton is called Keibo. The short staff or Hanbo was a favourite weapon of the Ninja.

Boxe française
European style of Full contact.

Brotherhood of the wolf ***

A mysterious beast ravishes the countryside of Gevaudan. Knight Fronsac and Mani, a Mohawk Indian are sent to find and destroy the beast. Although the setting mirrors the time of the reign of Louis XV, the martial arts techniques displayed by the leading actors are of course not historically correct. Despite this anomaly the movie is more than fascinating and the fights are magnificently put on the silver screen. Samuel Le Bihan, Mark Dacascos (Kung Fu middleweight champion of Europe from 1980 to 1982), Monica Belluci, Jérémie Renier, Emilie Dequenne, Vincent Cassel. Director: Christophe Gans. 2002.

Bruce Lee Curse Of The Dragon ***
The focus of this movie is on his life and his athletic prowess. Includes rare footage. His childhood and untimely death are also probed. Bruce Lee, James Coburn, Linda Emery Lee, Brandon Lee, Chuck Norris. Director: Fred Weintraub, Tom Khun. 1993.