Techniques of falling to soften the impact of the falling body on a hard surface. The counter-impact of striking the floor with the open palm of the hand and the forearm lessens the shock to the body. In all cases, the body must stay supple. The chin must stay drawn into the chest to protect head and neck. These 'breakfall'-techniques are used in many variations in most Budo-sports.

Ueshiba Morihei (1883-1969)
Creator of Aikido. Frail and often ill as a child he became interested in the Buddhist Shinto Kami. Through regular physical training he brought his body to a state of health and strength. He started his martial arts career in 1901 studying Tenjin Shin-yo-ryu, a Ju-Jutsu style, and shinkage-ryu in 1902. He opened his first dojo at Tanabe in 1908. He continues to study unrelentlessly. He starts at the Daito-ryu Aiki-jutsu school in 1915, and gains his master's degree in Ju-Jutsu the following year. His continuous religious and martial studies make him travel extensively. He finally founds a dojo in Tokyo where he taught the principles of unarmed combat. Aikido was basically a defensive system. He even taught at the naval academy and the military police academy. However, his connections with a religious sect made his life difficult. Thought to be a revolutionary the government forced the closure of his dojo and in 1935 he retreated to his farm to the north of Tokyo. He continued to train at Aikido, which received its official name in 1938. Only in 1949 he was allowed to reopen his Dojo in Tokyo. His exemplary teachings brought him numerous disciples and admiration. He was decorated by the emperor in 1964. He died of cancer in 1969.

Undisputed ***

Monroe Hutchen, a convicted murderer serves a life sentence in Sweetwater Prison. Hutchen might have been the heavyweight champion of the world, but we'll never know because now the only fighting he does is on the prison boxing circuit. Enter James "Iceman" Chambers. Iceman was the heavyweight champion until he got convicted of rape and sent to Sweetwater. In prison, the convicts look up to Hutchen, which is an affront to Iceman. So, the rivalry established, prison gangster Mendy sets up a contest and the film builds to the climactic grudge match between Iceman and Hutchen, Ving Rhames, Peter Falk, Wesley Snipes. Director: Walter Hill. 2002.