The Higher Council for Ju-Jutsu

Van De Walle Pascal 7th Dan Chairman
Van Gucht Joachim 4th Dan Vice-chairman
Burgelman Jos 9th Dan  
Verhamme Georges 8th Dan

  Federal training on sunday


The Higher Council for Ju-Jutsu tries to stop the depravation of the sport by informing its members about the quality that is available on the market; quality that is not necessarily compensated by higher financial demands. We try to put a stop to the commercialization and pursuit of gain by some other federations, managers and trainers. Ju-Jutsu in Belgium is not a sport with which one can provide in one's livelihood. Therefore this shouldn't even be tried, and certainly not at the expense of the students. Ju-Jutsu cannot be just a sport just for the moneyed classes. 
We should first of all bring exceptional quality, without losing respect for the many styles of the Art of Ju-Jutsu. It cannot be an uncontrolled vulgar combat-sport. Our trainers must bring a high-principled, technical and defensive Budoart, to be practised by a sportsperson in body and soul. Discipline and respect for our fellow-person cannot be idle words.


Contrary to many other federations The Higher Council will not meddle in the internal managerial affairs of its member-clubs.
The Higher Council does not peruse the examinations that are held within a club. We will demand of our trainers that they motivate and supervise their students.They have to let their members evolve in proportion to their talent,  so that they can bring Jutsu of a very high level. They have to be able to reach that final goal, a Dan-degree or Black Belt.
Before allowing a club to join the Federation the Council will make a Total Quality evaluation of that club and its trainers, this to ensure a high level of Jutsu. When the resulting evaluation is positive, the Council will be proud to accept this club into its organisation.


Clubs interested in affiliating to the Higher Council for Ju-Jutsu can contact:
Burgelman Jos through info2 @ (remove blancs before using mail-address)

The Dancollege

Burgelman Jos  9th Dan Chairman
Van De Walle Pascal 7th Dan Vice-chairman
Verhamme Georges 8th Dan
Buysse Danny 7th Dan
Herssens Geert 5th Dan
Van Gucht Joachim 4th Dan


The Dancollege examines applicants for a Dangrade. They also investigate, audit and evaluate applications for automatic graduation before granting it. 
The members of this board are qualified to judge Ju-Jutsu in all its aspects through their indisputable mastery and year-long experience. They will judge in good conscience before awarding (or not) a Dan-degree. Unrestrained and independent of any influence they will rule sovereignly over the examinee?