Overpower an adversary with all available means and with minimal force is the basic principle of Ju-Jutsu .

- Estimate the force of an attack and turn that force against the attacker himself.

- Bring the attacker off balance using the principles of leverage.

- Avoid an attack whenever possible.

- Immobilize with holdinggrips or chokinggrips.

- Know the vital parts of the body and use them to render unconscious, to administer wounds or to cause death when unavoidable.

The basics of (self)defence.

- The attack must be directed towards a person.

- The defence must be instantaneous.

- The defence must be proportionate to the attack.

- The defence must be legal.

Overpower an Adversary with All Available Means and With Minimal Force

Learn to estimate the force of an attack Learn to use the adversary's force against himself
Learn to estimate the attack itself Learn to bring the attacker off ballance
Learn to estimate the moment of attack Learn to avoid the attack


Techniques are only effective when one is a "Mens Sane In Corpore Sanum"

Principles of Leverage
Holding Grips
Pressure Grips
Choking Grips
Blocking Techniques
Kicking Techniques
Punching Techniques
Knowledge of vital points of the body to cause unconsciousness, injury and even death
First Aid


The Principle of Defence and Self-Defence

Unavoidable Violence A fight avoided is a fight won!
Defence must be necessary
Defence in Proportion to the Attack The defence must be in proportion to the attack
Limit your defence to what is needed
Immediate Violence Defence must happen before or during the attack.
Revenge is illegal!
Unlegal Violence An exception is violence used by the police.
Defending Persons The attack must be directed against persons!
Violence is Impossible to Misunderstand The act of violence must be undeniable!