The Program

To win the next obi or belt mastery of a specific Ju-Jitsu program has to be presented. To guarantee the quality of our sport, each jitsuka must pass these exams with a minumum of 70%. Only after a succesful exam can the jitsuka be admitted to the next kyu. 
All 6 kyu (indicated by coloured belts) can be obtained within Tengu Ryu. The exams are presented to 3 trainers to guarantee a  maximum of objectivity. Each exam is cumulative, f.i. to pass the exam for green belt the trainee has to prove his mastery of all previous kyu.
Black belts (1st, 2nd and 3rd Dan) can be won after passing a succesful exam before the members of the Dancollege.
4th degree Black belts and higher are awarded after a extensive quality-evaluation by the Dancollege. An absolute must is the Jitsukas continue to train actively to enrichen their knowledge.
Three special kyu can only be won by female jitsukas. The programs consist solely of defensive techniques against male aggression, especially sexual assaults. These exams are presided by Burgelman Jos, 8th Dan and chairman of the Higher Council for Ju-Jitsu and of the Dancollege. The honorary red marks can be worn by any kyu.
Detailed information can be obtained at Tengu Ryu dojo.