Full Contact
A Karate style developed in the United States. Invented in 1974 by Mike Anderson and Jhoon Rhee in response to the success of the Bruce Lee films. The hype came quickly with the first championships in Los Angeles. Kata are eliminated and the Japanese terminology replaced by American words. The enormous success created brought forth variations like Kick Boxing and Knock-down Karate.
Full Contact contests last for ten rounds. Aesthetics are gone, only effectiveness counts. Similar to boxing the opponent has to be knocked out by punches or kicks. Competitors wear gloves, foot protectors, head guards, etc. 
Savate and Boxe Franšaise are the European forms. In Asia the style is called Thai Boxing.

Martial arts discipline originating from the United States. Real blows are delivered to an opponent using the Nunchaku as a weapon, trying to knock him out. Fighters wear a protective helmet. A softer form uses flexible Nunchaku, with points being awarded for accurate striking techniques.

Fists Of Fury ***
Bruce Lee's first movie made in Hong-Kong. Bruce Lee, Maria Yi, James Tien, Nora Miao. Director: Lo Wei. 1972