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The Tengu-legend has known a strange evolution and the influences can be traced across many paths. The following quote comes from an interactive text adventure game called 'Dark Castle':

Perhaps the most unusual are the karasu. "Combining human and crow-like characteristics, karasu are frequently seen carrying ring-tipped staffs known as shakujos. These tools provide their owners with protection against enchantments and are useful in exorcising demons. On a more down-to-earth level, shakujos can also be used in combat to tangle and snap spear blades." "Tengu were fiercely protective of their territory and sternly punished those who entered areas under their control. Sometimes identified with the vengeful spirits of the dead, many chroniclers believed they could take possession of people and use them as mouthpieces. Over time, the peasants who lived in mountain villages learned to coexist with the Tengu. To this day, many still leave offerings of rice and bean paste outside their doors, to appease their supernatural neighbors."

Get acquainted with the tengu-influence on literature. Added are the first chapters from the novel "The Shapeshifter Wars". My thanks to Stephen Pantling from the UK for his help. A few characters in this 'Sword And Sorcery' novel are Tengu-warriors. Chapter will be posted at a regular basis. Also included is a partial map of Nuit.

Map of Nuit
Plan of Castle Tengu (Mail us the name and location of the original castle and win a T-shirt!)
The Shapeshifter wars: Chapter 1 - The Games (you will need Acrobat Reader!)
The Shapeshifter wars: Chapter 2 - The Bonding
The Shapeshifter wars: Chapter 3 - Sweet Revenge

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Tenjin Shin-yo-ryu
A famous Ju-Jutsu style created in Osaka as a branch from the Yoshin-ryu. The style is based on 124 Atemi techniques amalgamated with strangulations and immobilizations.