Lee Bruce
Mainly known as a movie-actor. Born in Hong Kong in 1940, died in 1974. Spent his youth mainly in streetgangs. He left streetfighting to study Wing Chun under Yip Man, left for the USA and continued his training there. He played a memorable role in the televisionseries 'The Green Hornet'. After his return to Hong Kong in 1967 he starred in spectacular Kung-fu films from the filmdirector Chow. These movies knew an enormous success in Hong Kong and later in the West. He called his own fightingstyle Jeet Kune Do. In 1974 he died in unclear circumstances. His technical control helped bring Kung-fu to popularity. Even now his pupils, like Daniel Inosanto,  continue to teach Jeet Kune Do.

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'Long stick' popular in India. Dating back to ancient times, its use is now limited to the police. Students wear turbans and forearm protectors. In contests points are scored by touching the head, sternum, ribs, shoulder, hips, knees or ankles.